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BBC: Islamophobic Coronavirus Coverage

This week, Massoud discusses the BBC's Islamophobic Coronavirus coverage and what you can do about it right now. Visit here for information...

PRESS RELEASE – UK: BBC urged to retract apologies to anti-Muslim...

What these individuals do is takes acts of terrorism and extremism of fringe individuals, which horrify us all, and equate them with the mainstream Muslim community

Cameron warns of ‘quietly condoning’ IS ideology

Massoud Shadjareh from IHRC said it was "misguided and dangerous" to suggest that the solution was to tackle the ideology of Islam

Stupid is as stupid does: media voyeurism of Muslims is not...

Arzu Merali argues that the continued pathologisation of Muslims via 'human interest' news stories, is as damaging as the continued reporting of Daesh and terrorism

Press release: Muslim loyalty findings belie community’s ‘fifth column’ stereotype

Nearly half of the Muslims polled felt that it was difficult being a Muslim in Britain because of prejudice against Islam

Western media bias and Gaza

Massoud Shadjareh features in this discussion on the unfair media coverage of Gaza

Press release: Misreporting of Iraq conflict fans sectarian hatred

The complex nature of the faultlines in Iraq is being mischaracterisesd.

BBC sit-in to demand justice for the Palestinian Prisoners

BBC failing to fulfil their duties by refusing to cover case of Alaa Hammad.

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