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IHRC Weekly Video: What's Wrong With Saying #FreePalestine? (And what to...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFeS2hFeN-c What's Wrong With Saying #FreePalestine?To contact us for advice and support please go to IHRC Advocacy –...

IHRC Weekly video: Targeted for your Palestinian Activism? We can help.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7tXGMlsyOwIf you have been targeted for your Palestinian Activism at School, University or workplace, we can...

Letter to schools to resist intimidation and gaslighting over Palestine support

Dear Head Teachers and School Leaders,Children’s education needs free debate on Israel-Palestine: stop the intimidation

French intelligentsia and Little Tom Thumb: the questionable ethics of the...

A response from Houria Bouteldja to the Open Letter from ‘100’ French Scholars, which singled her out for special mention.

Balancing freedom of expression with public disorder

Summary of judgment in Campaign Against Antisemitism v DPP EWHC 9 (Admin), 4 February 2019 by Adam MajeedAdam Majeed is a legal journalist based in...

Muslims and Arabs: Free speech and the question of violence

Dr. Hatem Bazian looks at the real structures of violence in the US

The Irvine 11 and Criminalisation of “Free Speech”

Dr. Abdul Wahid explains the consequences of the case.

CNN Drops Editor After Hezbollah Comments


CNN dismisses its veteran s senior editor for expressing her  personal views.

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