free speech

free speech

IHRC Weekly video: Targeted for your Palestinian Activism? We can help.

If you have been targeted for your Palestinian Activism at School, University or workplace, we can help. Please also see the following links and don’t forget to donate British schools urged to protect free speech over Palestine – IHRC Support for Pupils disciplined for Palestine

Letter to schools to resist intimidation and gaslighting over Palestine support

Dear Head Teachers and School Leaders, Children’s education needs free debate on Israel-Palestine: stop the intimidation There have been many complaints from parents that their children have been reprimanded at school after making simple comments about Palestine, saying ‘Free Palestine’, wearing a Free Palestine badge

Balancing freedom of expression with public disorder

Summary of judgment in Campaign Against Antisemitism v DPP [2019] EWHC 9 (Admin), 4 February 2019 by Adam Majeed Adam Majeed is a legal journalist based in Hong Kong In a democratic society, freedom of expression—particularly the freedom of political expression—enjoys a privileged status in the hierarchy