Convivencia Launch Conference

8/5/2022 In the last decade public opinion in Britain has swung far more pro-Palestinian than ever before, and an outcry for Palestinian human rights has also been seen by many different activists, including by the youth. The existing Palestinian movement has become unable to deal

IHRC Weekly video: Targeted for your Palestinian Activism? We can help.

If you have been targeted for your Palestinian Activism at School, University or workplace, we can help. Please also see the following links and don’t forget to donate British schools urged to protect free speech over Palestine – IHRC Support for Pupils disciplined for Palestine

Alert: How to support oppressed Palestinians

Updated: 19 May 2021 Nature of apartheid which creates crisis and unless that is addressed it will continue. Go to demos: EMERGENCY PROTEST- Justice for Palestine on Saturday 22nd May. To stand up for the Palestinians, raise the flag! Download the flag – put the

Urgent Appeal For Gaza

Hundreds of sites in Gaza have been damaged or destroyed by Israeli airstrikes, including residential buildings, water/electricity infrastructure, and medical facilities. Hospitals were struggling to manage COVID-19 and are now trying to cope with an influx of injured people. The military assault on blockaded Gaza

UK urged to show mass support for Palestine

PRESS RELEASE – As the Muslim world prepares to celebrate the feast day of Eid al-Fitr which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, what should be a joyous occasion will this year be suffused with sorrow and grief for the tyrannised and

Event Report: Genocide Memorial Day 2021

GMD’s annual event took place online for its twelfth consecutive time on 17 January 2021. This year’s theme was ‘Starting Genocide: Demonisation’, focusing mainly on the divisive politics that results in the demonisation of communities. Demonisation forms part of the dehumanisation process, the third of