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Why the USA? – Lockdown3 Blog #2

Some thoughts on the USA and its role in the world. Short and long reads, videos, news clips and audios.

Press release – UK: Aamer’s release should be another nail in...

Guantanamo is an affront to civilisation and must be closed immediately

13 Years of Torture: Valentine Day March For Shaker Aamer

Saturday, 14 February from 12pm

Zone of Non-Being: Guantanmo

IHRC's evocative film looks at the so-called war on terror through the lens of colonial history.

Watch ‘Zone of Nonbeing: Guantanamo’ on PressTV

Watch the documentary on Press TV on July 8 and July 9.

Q&A with Panel on ‘Zone of Non-Being: Guantanamo’

Watch live on-line www.ihrc.tv 8 January 2014, 8.15pm GMT

Exclusive Screening and Q&A: Zone of Non-Being: Guantanamo

8 January 2014 @ IHRC, 202 Preston Road, Wembley, HA9 8PA, UK

Forwarded Alert – Act on Day 100 of the Hunger Strike...

Forwaded Alert by SSAC - Join the Global Weekend of Action 17th-19th May

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