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We need to remember the victims in Beirut, Baghdad and Paris

Stupid is as stupid does: media voyeurism of Muslims is not...

Arzu Merali argues that the continued pathologisation of Muslims via 'human interest' news stories, is as damaging as the continued reporting of Daesh and terrorism

The Writing Is On the Settlement Walls

A paralyzing equation has long bedeviled would-be Middle East peacemakers.

U.S. officials: Two states for two peoples is not an empty...

Two states solution myth or reality!

URGENT EVENT ALERT: IHRC is informing supporters of two events taking...

Two recommended lectures taking place tonight entitled 'Gaza Holocaust: A Travesty of Democracy, Justice, & Human Rights' and 'Islamic Thought in 18th Century China.'

Forwarded Alert: USA – Seyed Mahmood Mousavi is Mysteriously Transferred

Seyed Mousavi has recently been moved to a federal transfer facility and is feared to be transferred to what some have dubbed America's “Muslim-only prison” – Communication Management Unit (CMU) in Indiana.

PUBLIC MEETING: Terror Raid! Who is next?

On Wednesday 28th March 2007 at about 4.00 a.m. early morning some 40
members of the Metropolitan Police with at least a dozen armed officers
raided 5 homes in Tower Hamlet and 2 in Newham...

Mahmud Darwish: As the Land is the Language

This film is part of \"Women\'s Cinema from Tangiers to Tehran\" festival. A Documentary on the famous Palestinian poet, his life and works.

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