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Event Alert: UK/China – Only three days left for ‘Uighurs: China...

“You have just three days to see iconic photographs of the Uighur people who are being systematically destroyed by the Chinese authorities.”

PRESS RELEASE: UK – Police stop 180,000 people under Section 44...

Islamic Human Rights Commission is deeply concerned with the recently released statistics regarding stops and searches under s44 of the Terrorism Act 2000. It is clear that there is significant misuse of powers granted to the Police under the Act.


IHRC is reducing the price of some of its literature and merchandise for only this week.

You ONLY have the Right to Silence

A review of concerns regarding security discourse on Muslims on campus in Britian.

Press Release: Fallacy of “Only Democracy in Middle East” Exposed

IHRC condemns the Israeli decision to prevent Palestinians in Jerusalem from voting in the upcoming Palestinian parliamentary elections.

Press Release: Racial Profiling will only Create Further Alienation

The Islamic Human Rights Commission condemns the results of statistics revealed today which showed that people of Asian appearance were five times more likely to be stopped and searched than white people.

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