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Louise Casey’s common (non)sense and the illogic of racism

Years of reports have done little but push the UK further towards Victorian victim shaming and ever widening socio-economic divides

Far-right rally in UK protests plan for mosque construction

British supporters of far-right groups stage a protest rally in Dudley, West Midlands, against plans for building a new mosque there

Press release: IHRC welcomes Black Pete court decision

Racist aspects of the commemoration of Sinterklaas are an insult to the Netherland's black residents.

PRESS RELEASE: France – Niqab ban another step towards state fascism

The implementation of the French Niqab ban on Monday 11 April heralds another chapter in the already long book charting the spiral of France into a fascist state.

Racists Totally Freak Out Over Muslim ‘Batman of Paris’

Andy Khouri lambasts the right wing attack on Nightrunner, in Comics Alliance.

Guantánamo: A Real Uyghur Slams Newt Gingrich’s Racist Stupidity

In recent weeks, there has been an unsavory race to see which Republican can come up with the most scare-mongering drivel about the remaining 240 prisoners in Guantánamo.

Racist escapes terror charge after threat to behead and bomb Muslims

THE Crown Office has been accused of double standards by Scotland\'s biggest Islamic group for not bringing terrorism charges against a man who threatened to blow up a mosque and behead Muslims.

Forwarded Alert: Act Now: Protest Against The Racist Science of Dr....

The 1990 Trust totally condemns the unethical, provocative and racially offensive remarks by Dr Watson against the African heritage and calls on all peace loving people to equally do so.

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