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Know Your Rights: Schedule 7 What to do if you are...

A quick guide to your rights if you are stopped for questioning at any UK port.

Press release – UK: Judges bow to political pressure in upholding...

Muslim organisations fail in a legal challenge against a controversial anti-terrorism power

Press release: Anti-terror bill is a recipe for more alienation

Yet another attempt by the executive to erode civil liberties and 'otherise' the Muslim community

Legal challenge mounted against UK anti-terror law

Anti-terror powers allowing police to stop individuals at UK ports for up to nine hours are challenged in Supreme Court

Press Release: UK Muslim representatives take Schedule 7 Terror Law to...

Since Schedule 7 came into force its powers have been systematically misused to implement ethnic and religious profiling

Documentary Screening & Directors’ Q&A of ‘Travelling While Muslim’

Q&A with the film-maker Roshan Muhammed Salih www.ihrc.tv

645pm (GMT+1), Tues 29 April

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