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Corporate media, political elites demand endless war and occupation in Syria

Massoud Shadjareh on the United States "losing" Syria

Loud & Clear Interviews Massoud Shadjareh

The United Nations estimates that Syria will need $388 billion to rebuild from a seven-year-long civil war

Seven Years Ago, West Sparked Syrian War to ‘Dismantle the Whole...

The civil war was the tool to destroy and dismantle the whole Syrian nation

UK extends surveillance operations in Iraq, Syria

The UK has extended the use of surveillance aircraft in Iraq and Syria until next year

Press release – UK/Syria: Bombing Syria will only aggravate ISIS (Daesh)...

Bombing Daesh in Iraq has done little or nothing to reduce the threat of terrorism elsewhere

UK police “complicit” in radicalizing those joining ISIL

Arzu Merali on the three sisters from Bradford who left for Syria

Press release – UK: Cameron should look closer to home for...

The PM would be better served by looking at Britain's own and wider western policy in the region which gave birth to ISIS

Turkey arrests Britons trying to illegally cross into Syria

The Turkish army has arrested nine British nationals trying to cross illegally into war-torn Syria

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