Commemorate the One Year Anniversary of Extradition

October 5, was the day Talha was put into a black van from HMP Long Lartin and extradited to a US Supermax prison, now spending a year in pre-trial isolation in solitary confinement. Theresa May boasted “wasn’t it great to say Goodbye to Abu Humza & those 4 others” conflating cases as a cheap trick. 

A week of intensive online activity to remember this national tragedy and scandal. 

Saturday 5th October
1pm – 3pm Parliament Square
Standing Vigil & photos (outside of Big Ben)

#BringTalhaHome – tweet


1- Ask your local MOSQUE to remember Talha in their Friday Khutbah –

2 – make a poster for 
and flyer you college / university campus

3 – wear the Extradite Me – T-shirt all week

4.  Tweet storm Friday #BringTalhaHome 4th October 7pm

5.  Share Media & films


Extradition, an IHRC Film by Turab Shah

3 minute film Dinner time 

Caroline Lucas MP speech at Talha event

Interview with Tariq Ramadan on DAY OF EXTRADITION

Is It cos I is Muslim?
Part 4 with Peter Oborne & Jeremy Corbyn

Share Articles:

Extradition and Its Discontents: Why Muslims have gotten the Message – Arzu Merali

To Talha, Tony and Teresa on the Tyranny of European Value – Arzu Merali

The Impossible Injustice of Talha Extradition – Dr. Ian Patel 

Solitary Confinement is no Place for a Poet – A. L. Kennedy

Sea of Injustice – Richard Haley

The nightmare of Extradition is now a reality – Aamer Anwar (the Sun)


Extradition is muddled, unjust and in desperate need of reform


IHRC has campaigned against the extradition of Talha Ahsan, Babar Ahmad and others but unfortunately the British judicial system failed these men and they have now been extradited to the US.  These men who have languished in prison for seven years without charge with immeasurable agony to themselves and family have now had the final death blow to their lives.

We would expect “justice” like this from a authoritarian state not one that claims to be democratic and transparent. The one sided extradition treaty needs to be changed and the lives of British citizens must be protected by the British state.

IHRC has campaigned for the release of Babar Ahmed and Talha Ahsan continuously and has urged their supporters to do the same. However, it is clear now that the British judiciary is not in place to serve the British people, and in this case has acted in the interest of the US. We would have thought that the days of the UK playing poodle to the US had left us when Tony Blair left office.

This verdict tells the world that the British judiciary is inadequate to deal with cases and has to extradite suspects to the US.

Chair of IHRC, Massoud Shadjareh said, “This is a deeply depressing decision, one which shows up the British judiciary and the politically charged nature of this specific case.”

“IHRC will continue to campaign for justice for these men, even if they are extradited to the US. This case will serve as a dirty mark in British judicial history, one that people in years to come will look back on with shame.”

Campaign to have Talha tried in the UK – write letters to the Home Secretary, DPP and Attorney General to prevent Talha and the others from imminent extradition

Extradition Film – Screening Tour (UK) – come to one these screenings and bring along someone who doesn’t know about these cases

If convicted he will spend 70 years in “supermax” solitary confinement in ADX Florence.  The trial is scheduled for October 2013.

.  You can also write to him.  Email with your letter and WRITE2TALHA in the subject heading

Guidelines for writing to Talha Ahsan in USA:

Talha appreciates and love to receive letters. Thank you for solidarity. He usually writes back to anyone who writes to him. As he is in pre-trial solitary confinement, this company is of great value.

  • Write your postal return address on the back. Any letter without a postal address will not pass through and be destroyed.
  • Note from US Attorney : “Talha would like to receive personal communications but does not want to receive any letters regarding any case-related discussion of any kind. Copies of all incoming mail to Talha will be provided to and reviewed by the United States Attorney’s Office. We urge people to exercise caution and avoid any discussion related to the pending charges or legal proceedings.” So please do not write anything related to the trial / allegations / indictment & charges, as this may harm the case. It best to keep writing about personal things like hobbies & past-times & book you read etc
  • Talha has no access to education or a library just a small trolley of books and no poetry. He has requested academic articles, short stories and can also send him poetry. If would like to send any – he would be very grateful.
  • Please avoid foreign languages. This includes Arabic or Islamic terms which may result in delays in communication.
  • Newspaper cuttings are NOT allowed.
  • Cards and letters by children with stickers and collages are NOT allowed.
  • Stamps are NOT allowed.
  • News and other sensible material printed off the internet are OK
  • Do not send any books in a personal parcel. Books can be sent directly through Amazon or publisher (not second hand sellers) – but write to Talha first to see if he is not overwhelmed with reading material.
  • Alternatively, you can email a message of support to which we can forward to him on your behalf.
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