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“And feed with food the needy, the orphan and the prisoner, for love of Him.” (Qur’an 76:8)

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Background information

The Islamic Human Rights Commission has been working with prisoners since its inception in 1997. We have campaigned and supported in freeing prisoners from death row/execution, highlighted abuse & torture and ran letter writing campaigns involving writing directly to those who are incarcerated. With your support we have emancipated thousands of prisoners all over the world. One of our most successful campaigns has been our prison packs sent to prisoners in the UK.

Muslim prisoners have a difficult time practising their faith in prison.  Not getting access to halal food, Islamophobia, lack of prayer facilities, inadequate facilitation of fasting during Ramadan as well as discrimination from other inmates are just some of the issues faced by Muslim prisoners.  This is made worse by the sense of isolation they feel from the rest of the Muslim community. 

Our prison campaign is Zakat eligible. As we know Zakat is obligatory on those liable to pay it, giving zakat is how Muslims purify their wealth and assist those in need in the process. It is the third pillar of Islam and its importance is second only to the obligatory prayer. As an action it is mentioned over 80 times in the Quran – often in conjunction with the prayer. One of eight categories of Zakat is supporting those who are in bondage (slaves, captives, prisoners etc). Imam Malik said: “It is obligatory on the people to redeem prisoners with their money. There is no contention on this point”.  Supporting prisoners is fundamentally linked to the practice of our religion.

As one prisoner described it: “First of all, prison isn’t easy as everyone makes it out to be… Once you’re behind the door you think everyone’s forgotten about you. Your friends, everyone forgets about you until you get out.”

Our packs include a number of items, to name a few: sweets, tasbih, perfume bars and a book gifted from us. The gifted book item has always been well received, as prisoners often don’t have access to religious books. Whilst they have a desire to learn more about the religion, appropriate titles aren’t always available. By supporting this campaign, you will allow us to reach the most neglected sections of our community, allowing them to come closer to Allah by seeking knowledge and not feel abandoned by their community.

Our packs have received the attention of the media including the BBC:

In the past we have distributed Eid packs which were very well received: 

“The gifts are very popular with the women as they are often missing family and children very much at Eid.” Muslim Chaplain, County Durham.

“We have received your gift-packs! Jazak Allah khair so much! The ladies especially loved the fragrance block! Very much appreciated! They were touched that someone had thought of them. May you all be rewarded abundantly! Jazak Allah khair again!” Muslim Chaplain, Gloucestershire.

“Wa Alaikum As-Salam, Parcel arrived this morning in the middle of our Eid feast & celebrations; great timing 🙂 all the women were very happy. Eid Mubarak!” Muslim Prison Chaplin, North East England

“Wa Salam, I am writing to you to thank IHRC for the uplifting Eid present (pack) that we received from the organisation. It was very beneficial and a joy to receive. Jazak Allah khairan to all that made it possible.” Eid pack recipient.

“I would like to thank you for providing us with beautiful gifts for Eid. We really appreciate them. May Allah reward you all for your kindness. All the ladies appreciated Eid today. The work your’e doing as part of your charity is amazing… On behalf of the women, thank you once again.” – Eid pack recipient.

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Key facts & figures


in England and Wales identified as Muslims in 2021.

of Muslim Prisoners
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felt that the Muslim community could have played a better role in keeping them out of prison. 

Of Prisoners
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in England and Wales are Muslims. That is up from 8% in 2002. 

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in London are Muslim, which is more than double the 12 per cent of the capital’s population who are Muslim.

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We work with different organisations from Muslim and non-Muslim backgrounds, to campaign for justice for all peoples regardless of their racial, confessional or political background.

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