IHRC Annual Report 2019-20

As Ramadan approaches, we present a review of our year’s work. We would like to thank you for your support. We run on your donations, as the situation world-wide becomes ever more uncertain and fragile we humbly request that you spare some of your generous donations for this work.

You can donate here. Download the report here or from the link below.

IHRC tackles immediate issues through its advocacy and legal departments. Getting justice for children targeted by PREVENT or denied faith appropriate school uniform, or taking work discrimination cases to court, or fighting for people’s immigration rights.

We also fight the big fights e.g. taking the UK government to court over ‘nude bodyscanners’ at airports or stopping arms shipments to Israel. We became the first NGO to have successfully begun an investigation at the ICC over the case of Sheikh El-Zakzaky and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

However we also look to the medium and long run. We undertake large research projects to provide proper evidence and recommendations to authorities, governments and institutions. Our counter-narratives work with the University of Leeds and 5 other European universities is an example of this. Our work in the Decolonial International Network looking at how oppressed peoples can unite to fight oppression and find new and old languages of resistance is another example. Our work in the Universal Justice Network on managing diversity and difference between Muslim communities is another.

Our educational work on Islamophobia, genocide and many other issues has been pioneering.

Your financial, physical and spiritual resources have made this and so much more possible. Thank you for joining us in the struggle for justice. Thank you for supporting IHRC. May Allah swt reward you. Ameen.