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Muslim Experiences of Hatred and Discrimination in Germany

A new volume in the DHMIR series.Order here

Muslim Experiences of Hatred and Discrimination in Austria

A new volume in the DHMIR series.Pre order here

Part 12 :Conference Cadis/Berkeley on islamophobia, 14 December 2013 in Paris...

Merali presents the findings of the France Hate Crime research undertaken by IHRC published as 'France and the Hated Society'.

Countering Islamophobia through the development of counter-narratives

Countering Islamophobia through the Development of Best Practice in the use of Counter-Narratives in EU Member States

UK Hate Crime Rising

Arzu Merali discusses the crisis on Press TVKeywords: Hate Crime, Environment of Hate, Islamophobia,...

Everyday is Punish a Muslim Day: When will the UK Government...

The letter precedes and incites violence en masse

PRESS RELEASE – UK: Police have to start taking seriously the...

Since the recent atrocities in London and Manchester authorities have done little to address the increased vulnerability of the Muslim community despite repeated calls by the IHRC

PRESS RELEASE – UK: Muslims urged to be vigilant over expected...

Precautionary advice includes staying vigilant, not opening suspect packages and reporting suspicious characters and vehicles to the police

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