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Israel is a ‘threat’ says Turkey

Turkey's Prime Minister has described Israel as the "main threat to peace" in the Middle East.

My talk with Hamas about peace with Israel

The US should follow the Northern Ireland and South African models – which had principles, not preconditions.

Obama’s Palestine, Peace Vision

CAIRO – US President Barack Obama wants an independent, democratic, contiguous but demilitarized Palestinian state with Al-Quds (occupied East Jerusalem) as its capital within the next four years.

PM – Obama embarks on peace in the Middle East

This is a transcript from PM. A program broadcasted on Australian Radio National and ABC Local Radio.


with NAPOLEAN (aka brother MUTA ABU SALEK)

Peace Walk and Vigil for Omar Deghayes

Walk and Vigil

Forward: Press Release: Peace and Progress Party Announces Belmarsh prisoner as...

Peace and Progress, the party for Human Rights, announces today that Babar Ahmed, currently held at Belmarsh Prison without trial and undergoing Extradition proceedings, will be standing as a candidate for Brent North, a seat currently held by Labour.

London Muslims to Pray for Peace

London Muslims have been called to pray for peace in the city this Friday following the recent tragedy in Madrid.

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