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URGENT UPDATE ALERT: China – Write to the foreign minister and...

In light of the escalating violence in Xinjiang, IHRC urgently asks campaigners to send letters to the foreign ministers and Chinese ambassadors in their respective countries.

URGENT ALERT: Pakistan– Write to the Pakistani High Commission/Embassy in your...

IHRC is concerned with the increasing level of religious discrimination in Pakistan and asks campaigners to write either to the Pakistani High Commissioner or Ambassador in their country to highlight some recent cases of discrimination.

URGENT ALERT: Palestine – Write to the foreign minister of your...

In light of the latest massacre of over 1,300 Palestinians, the IHRC calls on campaigners to write to their foreign ministers urging for the creation of an Israeli war crimes tribunal.

Alert: Send your nominations for the Islamophobia Awards 2008

IHRC welcomes your nominations for our annual Islamophobia Awards. Please choose a nominee for any or each of five geographical categories.

Forwarded Alert: Let Khaled Study – lobby your MP to sign...

Khaled al-Mudallal, Bradford University student, is currently confined to Gaza and is not being allowed to return to UK continue his studies

Forwarded Alert: Request your MP to sign EDM to Save Afzal...

Mohammad Afzal Guru is a Kashmiri Muslim facing execution for his
alleged role in the attack on the Indian Parliament in December 2001.

Alert: New Updated ‘Know Your Rights’ Leaflets are Now Available to...

In light of the ever-increasing focus upon the Muslim community in Britain, IHRC, in conjunction with Arani Solicitors, has published new and updated Know Your Rights Leaflets.

Know your Rights, Know your Duty

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