A Guide to Opposing Apartheid and Zionism

The Whys and Hows of Challenging Apartheid and Zionism This is a resource page for activists and members of the public who want to understand the arguments against Israeli apartheid. The page provides articles and videos as well as links to other sites explaining the

Weekly Video: Apartheid State: Israel’s Bullying Environment

Go to these links for further information: Zionist organisations “enabling” Israeli apartheid – IHRC Event Report: Normalisation – Israel’s Strategy for Occupation – IHRC Apartheid Israel And The Political Zionist Claim For National Self- Determination – IHRC Mary Robinson Denies Equal Rights to Palestinians –


I would rather die than be complicit in apartheid

Today the hearing resumes of an Israeli conscientious objector appealing a decision to deny him asylum in Britain. Here, in his own words, is why he cannot go back to Israel. Throughout my life, I have struggled with my identity as a Jew with my

IHRC takes up case of asylum seeker fleeing Israeli apartheid

IHRC has launched a crowdfunding appeal to fight a potentially groundbreaking legal appeal that could pave the way for refusenik Israelis and Palestinians living in Israel to claim asylum in the UK. The Jewish rabbinical student, whose name is being withheld for his personal safety,

Fight Apartheid by Supporting our Israeli Client’s Claim for Asylum

Support our campaign here Our client is a Jewish rabbinical student from Israel who vocally supports the struggle for Palestinian rights, and strongly opposes Zionism and Israeli apartheid on religious and political grounds.  After he was detained and beaten by the Israeli authorities on several