In accordance with our commitment to helping those who are oppressed, we are collecting Qurbani donations from those Muslims intending to perform their Udhiyya or Qurbani in places where the less fortunate can avail themselves of its sustenance and blessings.

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said “The one who wholeheartedly performs Qurbani of an animal for reward, the Qurbani will serve as a barrier between him and hellfire.” [Hadith]

Will we respond to this desperate plea and alleviate the sufferings of fellow Muslims in Yemen, Nigeria and the Rohingya in Bangladesh?

We can accept your Qurbani donations right up until the day of Eid!

Donate Your Qurbani

Yemen 124


The UN estimates that 60 percent of the estimated 377,000 deaths in Yemen since 2015 are the result of indirect causes like food insecurity and lack of accessible health services. Nearly 74 percent, or twenty-five million Yemenis, remain in need of assistance. Five million are at risk of famine, and a cholera outbreak has affected over one million people.

Nigeria 70


In Nigeria for the families of many Islamic Movement supporters killed or injured, who are now unable to provide for themselves and are reliant on charitable donations for their essential needs.

Bangladesh 90


In the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh. The nearly one million Rohingya refugees who are in exile in Bangladesh lack recognized legal status, which puts them on a precarious footing under domestic law and makes them vulnerable to rights violations.

Any Amount


“There are no days that are greater before Allah or in which good deeds are more beloved to Him, than these ten days, so recite a great deal of tahleel (saying Laa ilaaha ill-Allah), takbeer (saying Allahu akbar) and tahmeed (saying al-hamdu Lillah) during them.”

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Zakat Fund

Zakat will be used to support eligible projects across our work for categories which are often forgotten.


Legal Fund

To support individuals on low income struggling with immigration problems.

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Prisoner Packs

To support individuals on low income struggling with immigration problems.


Gaza Appeal

Gaza is under attack again constantly and the people of Gaza need our help.


Yemen Appeal

Yemen is witnessing the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.


Nigeria Appeal

Thousands of children, women and men suffering as the result of the violence of the Nigerian police and army.