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Alert: Rohingya – Demand European Commission to safeguard the rights of...

The coup in Myanmar takes its toll on Rohingya refugees in BangladeshBackgroundAction required

Alert: Rohingya – IHRC urges Bangladesh to stop the forceful transfer...

IHRC urges campaigners to write to their foreign ministers to put pressure on the government of Bangladesh to stop the forceful transfer...

Rohingya Photo Diary: ‘The Most Persecuted Minority in the World’

This photo diary is a just a glimpse into the lives of those who are currently fleeing death and persecution

Author Evening: ‘Great Muslims of the West – Makers of Western...

Thursday, 8 February from 6pm - watch LIVE on IHRC.TV and Facebook

The Rohingya: Collecting Evidence of Crimes Against Humanity

Regular updates on the horrible plight of the Rohingya

Five things to do and know: The Rohingya

Information on what to do, where to write and how to donate

PRESS RELEASE – MYANMAR: International community must act swiftly and decisively...

Fleeing Rohingya have told reporters of children being beheaded alive and women being dragged away by soldiers to be raped

60,000 Flee Myanmar Violence Into Bangladesh

Arzu Merali joins the Top 5 on Press TV to discuss the latest abuses committed against the Rohingya.

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