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Update Alert: Sri Lanka – Sri Lankan Muslim writer’s case postponed

The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) has received information that the case of Sarah Melanie Perera has been postponed until November 2010.

PRESS RELEASE: USA – The alarming case of Seyed Mahmood Mousavi

Mousavi has been effectively branded by the government and prison system as a terrorist, in spite of him never being formally charged with or convicted of any terrorism-related offences.


Parallel Event, Durban Review Conference, Geneva, Switzerland

Event Alert: UN / Switzerland – Old & new forms of...

Speakers include: Mohideen Abdul Kader, Asma Jahangir, Babacar BA, Doudo Diene, Daud Abdullah, Michel Warschawski, Massoud Shadjareh and Achmad Cassiem.

Police officers in abuse case accused of 60 other assaults

Met reveals four were subject of dozens of allegations by black or Asian men.

Update Alert: USA – Judge questions Justice Department’s upholding of plea...

Federal judge Brinkema says prosecutors' dismissal of terms of Al-Arian's former plea agreement with government jeopardises “integrity of the Department of Justice”.

URGENT ALERT UPDATE: UK – Amended Lloyds TSB contact in relation...

Campaigners writing to Lloyds TSB regarding the current Interpal case should be advised of an important change of contacts.

FORWARDED PRESS RELEASE: USA – Local community leader sentence in terrorism...

Despite Sympathetic Court, Case Represents Troubling Use of Government Power

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