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GMD Memorial Essay, December 2010: “The Nanjing Massacre: December 1937” by...

In this essay you will read about the indiscriminate killing and the rape of many  innocent civilians and prisoners of war during the Second Sino-Japanese War in December 1937.

GMD Memorial Essay, November 2010: “Remembering the transatlantic slave trade” by...

Zimarina explores the historical context of transatlantic African slavery and analyses the motives for its establishment and factors which lead to its official abolition.

GMD Memorial Essay, September 2010: Darfur by Seyfeddin Kara

The atrocities that people of Darfur have long been facing captured the attention of the international community.

GMD Memorial Essay, June 2010, “Genocide in Cambodia: Revisiting the Killing...

 In memory of those who have fallen victim to a crime that’s among the worst of crimes, the crime of genocide.

GMD Memorial Essay, April 2010: Native Americans by Ahmed Uddin

When an act of injustice takes place, it is imperative for fellow humans to question and oppose it.

GMD Memorial Essay, March 2010: Congo by Fahad Ansari

Fahad Ansari on the history of colonisation in the Congo.

PRESS RELEASE: ‘From the Heart of Palestine’ Full text of essay...

IHRC has in its possession a copy of the full text of the essay by Layla Cassim, the 14 year old South African student who was subjected to a spate of human rights abuses by her college.

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