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Nigeria Digest # 119

Yet another Eid in illegal detention

New report: Nigeria – UPDATE OF THE 2016 IHRC ‘COMMUNICATION TO...

IHRC's latest communication with the International Criminal Court regarding the Zaria Massacres of 2015, entitled 'UPDATE OF THE 2016 IHRC ‘COMMUNICATION TO...

PRESS RELEASE NIGERIA – IHRC to send updated report to International...

An updated report by IHRC into the massacre of over 1000 civilians by Nigerian armed forces in the city of Zaria in 2015 is being sent to the International Criminal Court.

Nigeria Digest #118

Followers of El-Zakzaky #FlyTheFlag of Palestine

Nigeria Digest #117

El-Zakzaky's legal team asks court to quash charges against him

Nigeria Digest #116

Free sanitizers distributed by Zakzaky campaigners

Nigeria Digest #115

Outrage Over denial of amnesty for Zakzakys amid Covid-19 crisis

Zakzakys not included in presidential prisoner pardon

PRESS RELEASE – NIGERIA/CORONAVIRUS:IHRC notes today's pardon by Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari of 2500 prisoners nationwide in...

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