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PRESS RELEASE – SPAIN/NIGERIA: IHRC to present IMN case at major...

The title of the presentation is "Sectarianism driven by political interests: The case of Nigeria and Islamic movement of Nigeria"

PRESS RELEASE – Kaduna, Nigeria: IHRC condemns police killings of peaceful...

It was the second day in succession that armed police had opened fire with live ammunition on peaceful pro-Zakzaky protestors.

Nigeria Digest #41

An update on continuous FreeZakzaky protests in Nigeria

IHRC Weekly Message: Sheikh Zakzaky & Nigeria

This week, IHRC's Abed Choudary updates us on the situation in Nigeria and Sheikh Zakzaky's health condition.

Nigeria Digest #40

This week followers of Sheikh Zakzaky turned out in masses to support the oppressed of the world on Quds Day

Nigeria Digest #39

Latest action alert and an update on Free Zakzaky campaign

See why Sheikh Zakzaky’s daughter says Saudi Arabia may want her...

Massoud Shadjareh discusses the imprisonment of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife and the ongoing conflict in Nigeria

Nigeria Digest #38

An update on continuous Free Zakzaky protests as the whereabouts of Sheikh are unknown since his forcible arraignment in Kaduna court.

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