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Nigeria Digest #102

Two more Zakzaky protesters killed by Police

Nigeria Digest #101

Demand ICC to expedite investigation

London demonstration to protest human rights abuses in Nigeria

PRESS RELEASEOrganisations concerned about the deteriorating human rights situation in Nigeria are to hold a demonstration outside Abuja...

ÜÇÜNCÜ GÖZ-3 Islamic Human Rights Commission and Sheikh El-Zakzaky

Massoud Shadjareh discusses the history of IHRC, case of Sheikh El-Zakzaky and Mallima Zeenah as well as older cases like Sheikh...

ALERT – NIGERIA: Demand the ICC to expedite investigation

Background Requested ActionModel templateBackgroundThe Free Zakzaky campaign asks campaigners to demand the International...

Nigeria Digest #100

Nigerian authorities seeking to destroy evidence

NIGERIA: Stop the violence! – emergency vigils 18 & 19 October

Since calling tomorrow's vigil, information of shots being fired after Jumuah at the main mosque in Abuja, and the tear...

NIGERIA: Fears rise over ‘massacre plans’ for Arbaeen processions

PRESS RELEASEFears are rising that the authorities in Nigeria are planning to launch a wide-scale massacre of...

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