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Tony Blair Institute report ‘Narratives of Division’ – A critique

The report's publication was timely as just weeks earlier IHRC published a briefing analysing how the label “extremism” was being used to elbow Muslim organisations out of policymaking.

New report intensifies squeeze on Muslim CSO space

Islamic Human Rights Commission21 January 2019PRESS RELEASE – UK: New report intensifies squeeze on Muslim...

Chilcot delays give them time to cover their own backs

Raza Kazim discusses the inquiry on RT.Keywords: Chilcot Inquiry, Iraq War, Tony Blair, New...

Press release: Blair speech exposes misplaced concern for Zionist interests

Tony Blair is confusing national interests with Zionist interests

PRESS RELEASE: Egypt/ Tony Blair/ Pro-Mubarak violence – UK, USA,...

Statement from IHRC on violence against protestors/ Tony Blair comments

PRESS RELEASE: Egypt / Yemen – Tony Blair’s comments reactionary

The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) is deeply concerned by Quartet representative to the Middle East, Tony Blair’s comments on the popular movements heralding the end of tyrannical regimes in the Middle East notably Egypt and Yemen.

An Al Quds Day Letter to Tony Blair from Lauren Booth

Lauren Booth sets out to destroy the stereotypes surrounding Al-Quds Day, Muslims and 'political Islam'.

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