CIK – Launch of UK Key National Messages

Friday, 30 November from 9am - 2pm

PRESS RELEASE: Worldwide – IHRC recognises those who have fought against...

Positive Award winners included SACC, Media Diversified, Ian Law and a selection of MEPs

Islamophobia Conference 2018: Islamophobia and Silencing Criticism of Israel

The conference will take place on Saturday, 8 December. More details TBC

Five things to know and do: The Islamic Movement of Nigeria

IHRC asks campaigners and concerned onlookers to find out more and take relevant action

Decolonial International Network on the case of Tariq Ramadan

Tariq Ramadan is kept in solitary confinement without adequate medical services

The Safar Curriculum for Home-schooling: An Introduction

20 December from 11am - tickets available

PRESS RELEASE – NIGERIA: Armed forces continue murderous attacks on Arba’een...

Armed forces are once again firing on an unarmed religious procession making its way to the centre of the Abuja

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