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Alert: Uighur – Demand UN safeguard Uighur refugee status

IHRC asks campaigners to write to the Secretary-General of the UN to safeguard the status of Uighur refugees living abroad.

Following up our discussion on Uighur Muslims

Thank you for all your feedback on our last video on what is happening to the Uighur's in China. This week Massoud...

Alert: Uighurs – Demand Pakistan and Malaysia take action

IHRC is calling upon campaigners to write to the Foreign Ministers of Pakistan and Malaysia to demand they take action against China...

Eid Mubarak – Video Message

IHRC would like to wish you all a very blessed Eid ul Adha. Eid Mubarak and don't forget the oppressed in...

Help those in need through your Qurbani donations

Once again IHRC is collecting donations from those Muslims intending to perform their Udhiyya or Qurbani in places where the less fortunate can avail...

Grief Observed: Uighur Testimonies

IHRC's latest report overviews first hand testimonies of Uighur refugees. In envisioning a way forward this report calls on China to...

CAMPAIGN for Justice for the Uighurs

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ALERT: Uighur – Demand Turkey treat Uighur refugees fairly

IHRC are calling on campaigners to write to their country’s Turkish ambassador to demand Turkish authorities treat the Uighur community fairly.

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