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Event Report: What's Happening To The Uighurs?

Massoud Shadjareh chaired a discussion with Enver Tohti Bughda & Abed Choudhury, in August 2019, to about the history of mistreatment and persecution of the Uighurs.

This Eid Don't Forget the Uighurs

Eid Mubarak to you all from the IHRC Family. In this week's video Massoud remembers the Uighurs and asks why Islamophobes have...

IHRC Newsletter 2009

Read the review of IHRC work 2008 - 2009.

IHRC Newsletter 2008

Read the review of IHRC's work from 2007 - 2008.


Individual Oral Statement on Uighur Muslims in China

IHRC welcomes and respects all work done by the working group. However we regret that China appears to be very strict on freedom of religion.

China executes two Uighurs in East Turkistan in disputed attack

China executed two Uighurs in East Turkistan after a court convicted them over a deadly attack on police in the run-up to the Beijing Olympics.

Event Alert: UK/China – Only three days left for ‘Uighurs: China...

“You have just three days to see iconic photographs of the Uighur people who are being systematically destroyed by the Chinese authorities.”

UK/China – ‘Uighurs: China ‘s forgotten Muslims’ – An exhibition of...

Uighurs: China 's forgotten Muslims – An exhibition of photos by Per Engstrom Organised by Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC).

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