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‘Time to Uncover the Histories of Occupation and Oppression’ is available now. Olsi Jazexhi’s essay looks at ‘How did Israel go from Pariah to become God’s Chosen Nation in the Balkans?’  Denijal Jegić discusses the overlooked incursions of Israel into Lebanon in ‘Liberating Lebanon and Decolonising

Dhul Hijjah 2021

Prisoner Packs For Eid al-Adha, IHRC sent prison packs to HMP Humber. Each pack contained: A Place of Refuge by Asmaa Hussein, sweets, a prayer bead and a perfume block. Muslim prisoners tend to be isolated from the wider community and have a difficult time practising their

The Long View out now: Home, heart and community

The latest issue of The Long View (volume 2, issue 1) is out now, entitled ‘Home, heart and community: reclaiming the minority space.’ You can download the PDF from here or click on the link below, or read it online here for free.  If you prefer a hard copy please

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Volume 1: Issue 4 is out now. Read this issue’s essays online here. Download the PDF of the whole issue here. In this edition Zvaid Jughashvili discusses The past and the future of the Salafi/Wahhabi trend in the former-Soviet Union, Ahmed Uddin looks at the