Things to do in isolation #6: Homeschooling all ages and story time for the very young

Things to do in isolation #6: Homeschooling all ages and story time for the very young

Our latest blog provides direct links to Homeschooling material from our site and other sources.

Those of you having to homeschool your children under lockdown conditions may be finding it a challenge.  IHRC already have many lesson plans available created by and for the Genocide Memorial Day project.  They cover ages 4 – 18 and span a wide variety of topics from English Literatures, History, Citizenship / Civics, Sociology and more.  Find a full set of links and breakdown at the end of the page or visit the page here.

For children young and old.  Khayaal Theatre Company have been adding audios of their performances and storytelling like this one read by Alia Alzougbi, ‘Animals’ Lawsuit Against Humanity by the Ikhwanu ‘s-Safa’ [page continues after audio].

Themes: Ecology, environment, justice, love, peace, conflict resolution, etc.

Find them all here.

Author, creative and nasheed artist Khaleel Muhammad has been doing online art tutorials with Inkscape.  Find ones like the one below on his Facebook Page [page continues after the video].

Find below the first of IHRC Bookshop’s online story times, ‘Salamoji and the Sadaqa Box’ read by the talented Zainab Zahra.[page continues after video]

Zainab Zahra reading ‘Salamoji and the Sadaqah Box’

Homeschool expert Brooke Benoit’s (ed) Fitra journals are available instore.  Find them here.  They cover topics such as getting started, from looking at classics to kindergarten issues and much, much more. 

Lastly the Toledo Society’s podcast 1400 OMG with Professor Saeed Khan is a great resource for history for KS3 / 4 and 5 (ages 11 – 18) but honestly for those of us who are no longer at school too. Find both seasons of the podcast here. Below find the first episode. [page continues after audio]

As always send us your suggestions.  Please do send us more homeschool resources that can be shared in this difficult time.  Email us info[AT] or tweet us @ihrcbookshop.

With prayers and peace,

The IHRC Bookshop & Gallery Team

Genocide Memorial Day Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans for ages 4 -7

  • PDF – using the resource My Name is Not Refugee by Kate Milner

Lesson Plans for ages 6 – 10

  • PDF – using the resource The Parrot and the Merchant by Marjan Vafian
  • PDF – using the resource This is Our House by Michael Rosen and Bob Graham

Lesson Plans for ages 10 – 12

  • PDF – using the resource Rose Blanche by Roberto Innocenti and Ian McEwan

NEW! Lesson Plans for ages 11 – 14

Learning about interpretations of history: What is Historiography.  This is a multi-layered stand alone lesson of 1 hour, including a video.  Suitable for History, Citizenship, Civics.

  • PPT – Instructor’s Manual – What is Historiography?
  • PPT – Presentation – What is Historiography?

Lesson Plans for ages 14+ – 16+

The Legacy of Enslavement – A flexible lesson using a spoken word performance to discuss reframing language and understanding the ongoing legacy of the Transatlantic slave trade (possible lessons English Language and Literature, History, Drama, Sociology).

A Six Part Course on Genocide – Each lesson is self-contained and can be used individually or as part of the whole course (possible lessons History, Sociology, Politics, Citizenship, Civics).

  • PPT – Lesson One – An Introduction to Genocide
  • PDF – Lesson One – Instructor’s Manual: An Introduction to Genocide
  • PPT – Lesson Two – Genocide through Colonialism
  • PDF – Lesson Two – Instructor’s Manual: Genocide through Colonialism
  • PPT – Lesson Three – Genocide through Enslavement
  • PDF – Lesson Three – Instructor’s Manual: Genocide through Enslavement
  • PPT – Lesson Four – Colonialism and Genocide
  • PDF – Lesson Four – Instructor’s Manual: Colonialism and Genocide
  • PPT – Lesson Five – The Holocaust and Eugenics
  • PDF – Lesson Five – Instructor’s Manual: The Holocaust and Eugenics
  • PPT – Lesson Six – Different types of Genocide
  • PDF – Lesson Six – Instructor’s Manual: Different types of Genocide

NEW! The Case for Reparations – Each lesson is self-contained and can be used individually or together (possible lessons History, Sociology, Politics, Citizenship, Civics).

  • PPT – Lesson One – Reparations 1
  • PDF – Lesson One – Instructor’s Manual: Reparations 1
  • PPT – Lesson Two – Reparations 2
  • PDF – Lesson Two – Instructor’s Manual: Reparations 2

Remembering the Genocide in Bosnia for ages 11+, 14+ and 16+

  • PDF – Two lessons on the Genocide in Bosnia, covering History, Law, Politics, PSHE, RE and Citizenship strands

GMD Animation for ages 8+ through to 16+

  • 60 Second Video Clip – this brief clip provides a quick explanation of the concept of ‘genocide’ and can be used as an introduction or starting point in a lesson

Assembly Presentation – this has been used as part of an assembly for ages 10+. The presentation lists the different acts of genocide that have taken place over the years and is an eye-opening experience for students. Complete with figures, the presentation is certainly essential viewing and very easy to understand

  • PPTX – Listing acts of genocide
  • PDF – Listing acts of genocide
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